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Have a question? Want to give feedback or share a cool guitar story? Want to request a song? Shoot me an email! My address is

Note, it may take me a few hours (or a few days) to reply to emails, depending on how busy I am.

Need help with something?

If you need help with something, please read over my Help Center & FAQ page before emailing me, as I’ve already answered the most common questions on that page.

Want to request a song?

Requests are welcome and encouraged. But please note, I can’t get to every request – and even the ones I really want to get to may take weeks (or months, or more) before they get turned into lessons. Generally, I tackle the most common requested songs (or lesson topics) first - i.e. the ones that are sent in by different folks each and every month. But don’t let this dissuade you from sending in your personal favorites, and likewise don’t hesitate to send a handful of songs at a time. All of this helps me get an idea of what folks are looking for, which is always helpful. But once more, I ask that you be understanding with the fact that I can’t get to every request.

Need help with Patreon?

If you need help with Patreon, please take a look at the Patreon Help Center – as there’s tons of detailed posts there addressing the most common requests: login issues, payment issues, how to cancel your account, etc.

If you’re stuck with something, start off by emailing Patreon support directly – as that’s usually the best way to make sure things are resolved. Patreon is a large company with a dedicated support staff – and they will be back in touch to help solve your problem.

Need help with Musicnotes?

If you need help with purchasing or printing my “song” sheet music arrangements at Musicnotes, please visit the Musicnotes Help Center. Similar to Patreon, they’re a large company with a dedicated support staff who can help you out directly.

Need help with something else? Visit my Help & FAQ page »

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