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Guitar can be complicated to learn! While my free video lessons will get you started in learning songs or techniques, I believe there is immense value in print-friendly diagrams that you can reference alongside my video lessons. I take great pride in creating diagrams to explain the concepts behind strumming patterns, fretboard & chord charts, scales, tablature, and more.

How to get my premium sheet music & PDFs

I offer two types of print-friendly content:

Song Sheet Music (licensed & available for purchase)

My song sheet music arrangements are exclusively available for purchase at Musicnotes.com, an industry-leader in sheet music distribution. Each arrangement is print-friendly, in addition to being fully licensed by the publisher. A 50%-off discount is available to all my Patreon members. Due to copyright reasons, I can't offer these as PDFs through Patreon like I used to.

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Instructional PDFs (for my non-song lessons)

My library of educational PDFs (quick riffs, music theory, tips & techniques, etc) are available to Patreon members. Each PDF is print-friendly and downloadable. Plus, you can keep the PDFs after your Patreon membership ends. These PDFs are an invaluable resource as you dive into the world of guitar, and are truly one-of-a-kind.

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A tour of my instructional PDFs

Here’s a glimpse at the (non-song) PDFs you get access to once you become a member. These cover general guitar topics that roughly fall into these categories:

Interested in a free sample? Here’s some of my instructional PDFs available at no charge:

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Many folks have asked what’s the best way to support me and this project – and the answer: become a member on Patreon. The cost is $3 per month (cancel anytime) or via annual pledge (save ~15%) – most of which goes directly to me. These lessons are a labor of love, but make no mistake – they take a lot of work to create! It’s my dream to one day work on this project full time – and the key to making that happen is your support.

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What happens after signing up on Patreon

The membership perks become available to you immediately!

You’ll also be charged the day you sign up. If you join on a monthly plan, your ongoing pledges will be processed on the 1st of each month (no matter which day you originally sign up on).

You can cancel Patreon anytime

Seriously, it’s dead simple – with just a few clicks you can end your membership if for whatever reason you’re no longer able or interested in the few bucks a month of ongoing support. You can keep any of the instructional PDFs you’ve downloaded.

Obviously, I hope you stick around! If not for the ongoing lessons, then just to support me & this project of mine. But I also understand that this isn’t feasible for everyone.

What members are saying

You have the very best tabs on the net! Easy to follow, logically designed, complete with all information. That's why I'm a supporter!

– Jimbo

Thank you David for the most excellent guitar lessons. I am getting old now and my guitar is a new and awesome instrument that gives me peace in our troubled world. Your contribution and dedication to your lessons provides me with hours of learning in an easy fun style. I am blessed to have been able to support you on Patreon and have access to everything you put out there.

– Harvey

I've seen more guitar instructional videos on the web than I can count but but no one does a better job of explaining and simplifying a song as you do, with the added bonus of a downloadable PDFs. I just got back into playing acoustic guitar last year after a hiatus of too many decades. Keep up the good work you do for all us beginners, re-beginners and not so beginners.

– David

Thank you 🙏 you are a wonderful teacher as well as a fabulous musician not often do you get both in the same package.

– Eileen

I have just picked up the guitar after 30 years of saying 'I would love to learn that'. Out of all the lessons I have come across online yours are the best. You have a way of making the song sound close to the original and making it pretty easy to learn as a beginner to learn. I could not keep watching the lessons without donating something because learning the guitar takes time and devotion. You deserve to get something back for all you put in. I have subscribed to your channel, and I have never subscribed to anything online. I wish you all the best and hope you have continued success.

– Joshauh

I enjoy your lessons and teaching style. They are practical and I love that you break things down in an easy to understand way. Also your lessons are fun! :) I'm a happy supporter and thank you for providing great service and your musical gift.

– Tangie

I’ve tinkered with the guitar since I was a teenager but never really committed to practicing it. I could never find the passion or the structure from a teacher to keep me at it. I have a full time job and kids...and life is busy. Almost two years ago, I broke my ankle playing baseball and dusted off the guitar. I stumbled across your lesson Say It Ain’t So by Weezer. I was completely sold. I decided to become a patreon supporter of yours. Tonight, I was just completely compelled to send you a message. Your lessons, teaching, PDF’s...you name it...Are pure quality. You come across as passionate about your work and it truly makes a difference. Anyway. I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe during these times. I wish you all best. Thank you for the lessons and I also hope that your site becomes so successful that you can just do this full time. No response necessary. Just reaching out to say I wish lots of good karma to go your way! Cheers!

– Jason

You are such an amazing teacher! You describe steps in detail that is so necessary for beginners like me. Thank you for all that you do!

– Cara

Man, you're the best out there and the way you break things down with printables along with the different camera angles helps me in ways I can't put into words. It's truly a pleasure to be a Patreon supporter of yours!

– BB

You are the very best on the web for teaching how to play a particular song down to the details that deliver a truly professional sounding version. I love it!

– Nick

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