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Meditative fingerpicking practice, inspired by "The Wind" by Cat Stevens

Lesson #258

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Editor’s notes

In this lesson, I’ll describe some of the very repetitive (but fun!) exercises I found myself settling into while recently learning “The Wind” by Cat Stevens. Instead of shying away from “playing the same thing over and over,” I often embrace it – and use such occasions to intently focus on some of the more subtle aspects of playing: playing at a consistent volume, avoiding string buzz, striving for steady bass note volume, and so forth. I’ll show examples of all this, with a few sequences to practice for yourself if you’d like to come along for the journey.

If you would like to view my full lesson for “The Wind” by Cat Stevens, you can find it here:

Thanks and enjoy!

My full lesson for “The Wind”

Here’s the song I was working on when I came up with these exercises (“The Wind” by Cat Stevens). Check out my video if you’re interested in learning this great song.

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