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Banded Clovis

by Tyler Childers  •  Lesson #291

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Editor’s notes

Hello friends! I’m proud to share this new Tyler Childers lesson for “Banded Clovis” from his 2017 album Purgatory. Tyler is maybe my favorite new country artist of the last few years, and this song in particular captures the raw, gritty, primal acoustic guitar sound that quite a few of his songs embrace. Tonally this one only uses the chords of E A B7, but the real magic (and difficulty) comes in mastering the intro riff, which plays around quite heartily with a deep melody on the thickest 3 strings, combined with strumming. I’ll explain it all in my video lesson, give it a watch!

Timestamps of what I teach in the lesson:

Lyrics with chords

Capo 3rd fret.

INTRO (see PDF chord sheet for the tab)
    E   E   A   E
    E   E   B7  E
    E   E   E

         E           E          A              E
    Tina Nolan had a man with a good place for siftin'
         E        E             E            B7
    He invited me diggin', so I picked up my screen
          E         E         A        E
    And a shovel to dig and a jar of shine
       E         E          B7        E
    He traded me fair for a bottle of wine
        A         B7              E       E
    His brother's Barnes Mountain wine
    [instrumental verse]

    We [E] trudged through the [E] snow, [A] straight up the [E] hillside
    Took a [E] ridge for a [E] while, then we [E] slowly went [B7] down
    To an [E] over-[E]-hang [A] hid from the [E] ridgeline
    We [E] bent o'er our [E] handles and we [B7] bit in the [E] ground
    The [A] dark and [B7] bloody [E] ground [E]
    [instrumental verse]

    Was a [E] bitch to break [E] ground but the [A] wine kept us [E] goin'
    The [E] moonshine was [E] flowin' and [E] keepin' us [B7] warm
    'Cause you [E] can't hold a [E] girl with a [A] fistful of [E] shovel
    Got to [E] find your [E] fire in the [B7] company of [E] corn

    [A] [B7] [E] [E]  => [instrumental verse]

    We [E] dug for a [E] while then it [A] all turned to [E] ashes
    Found a [E] bunch of broke [E] flint and a [E] few bits of [B7] bone
    Then I [E] heard Jesse [E] yell o'er the [A] pile he was [E] sifting
    Shook the [E] hills like the [E] angels were [B7] callin' us [E] home
    [A] Jesse, [B7] Zachary come [E] home [E]

    It was [E] banded as [E] hell, it was [A] fluted and [E] clovis
    It was [E] hot as the [E] pistol I [E] kept on my [B7] side
    I was [E] fiending so [E] fierce, I was [A] broke ass and [E] busted
    I [E] pulled out my [E] pistol and I [B7] took Jesse's [E] life

        [A] Clovis like [A] that is a [E] hard point to [E] find
        Makes [E] pills swift to [E] come by with a [E] good chunk of [B7] change
    Left [E] over for [E] burn on [A] whatever [E] meanness
    [E] Whatever [E] woman is [B7] comin' my [E] way
    [A] Darlin' [B7] come my [E] way [E]
    [instrumental verse]

    I [E] sit in this [E] cell for the [A] banded [E] clovis
    I [E] stole off of [E] Nolan when I [E] killed'm that [B7] day
    I [E] reckon the [E] chase of the [A] pills and the [E] powder
    Corn [E] liquor and [E] woman are the [B7] culprits to [E] blame

    [instrumental verse, end on E]

Videos of this song

Tyler’s album version (capo 3rd fret):

A live version from Tyler:

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