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Blank Guitar Tab Template

Lesson #345

Download a free PDF with 6 different blank guitar tab templates, with and without time signatures. Here’s a video overview of the print-friendly PDF:

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    An overview of the 7-page PDF

    Hey friends! A few of you have requested blank tab PDFs for you to download and print – and I’m happy to finally deliver the goods. What I have here is a 7-page PDF, each page featuring a common template for you to print and write up your tabs. Here’s the specific templates available within this PDF:

    How to use these templates

    To use this PDF, I recommend printing out a few copies of each page and keeping them in a handy spot, close to your guitar. You may notice that certain pages seem way more useful to you (for example, page 2 is probably the most versatile). When you find something you like, I suggest printing many copies of that specific page – just so you have them handy.

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    📝 My "song" PDFs are now individually purcasheable! I've arranged a licensing agreement with Musicnotes, a service that lets you buy sheet music. Patreon suppoters get 50% off each purchase. Get the latest info here »   (last updated July 1, 2021)

    May 12, 2022

    List of My Beginner-Friendly Song Lessons


    After many requests from y'all, I finally created this list of all my beginner-friendly song lessons! These are grouped by key, allowing you to take the chord shapes you already know and find other songs using those same shapes.

    Patreon PDF

    May 4, 2022

    Easier Ways to Play B-minor (No Barring Required)

    Tips & Techniques  •  Lesson #431

    Two easier ways to play B-minor, using open chord voicings — super helpful to have these in your toolkit. Includes different practice riffs to accompany each chord voicing.

    Patreon PDF

    April 30, 2022

    Using Slides to Connect Pentatonic Scale Shapes

    Tips & Techniques  •  Lesson #430

    A huge breakthrough I made in "breaking out of the box" when it comes to practicing scales... by using slides! It makes things sound better, and is more fun to play.

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    April 13, 2022

    Getting Started Guide for "Fire and Rain"

    Practice Log  •  Lesson #428

    Just starting off with Fire and Rain? Here's what I recommend practicing in your first few hours with this song, so that you're comfortable with the chords & James Taylor's fingerstyle technique.

    Patreon PDF

    March 26, 2022

    Yellowstone-Inspired Slides, Syncopation, and Double-Stops

    Warm-Up Exercise  •  Lesson #426

    An 8-measure melodic riff I put together in between episodes of Yellowstone. I'll show you how to use slides, syncopation, and double-stops to punch things up.

    Patreon PDF

    March 21, 2022

    Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown Chords, Explained

    Practice Log  •  Lesson #424

    A deep-dive into the unique chord voicings for E, E7, and B that Gordon Lightfoot uses in his classic song from 1974.

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