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7 Summers

by Morgan Wallen  •  Lesson #347

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Editor’s notes

Hey friends! Here’s new a video lesson & PDF chord sheet teaching you how to play the recent country hit 7 Summers by Morgan Wallen. Musically, this song makes some good use of major-7th chords (with the Cmaj7 and Fmaj7 in the intro and verse), mixed in with Wallen’s clever word-play and great vocals. I’ll show you the chord shapes, progressions, strumming patterns, and a few ways to noodle on the intro (with tabs), in a way that sounds great with a solo acoustic guitar.

If you don’t know Morgan Wallen, I strongly recommend checking out his stuff – specifically via Grady Smith’s YouTube videos, which do a good job introducing you to & contextualizing the general vibe of his music. This includes some good commentary on Wallen’s cover of Jason Isbell’s Cover Me Up, which Isbell praised him for. Here’s one of Grady Smith’s videos on Wallen – see below for even more.

Video timestamps:

Lyrics with chords

Key of C, 100 beats per minute.

    Cmaj7 / Fmaj7 / x2

    Cmaj7                                    Cmaj7
    .......Yeah, you used to talk about............ getting even further South
    Fmaj7                                    Fmaj7
    .......Somewhere where the summer lasted all--- year--- 'round
    Probably got a big ole diamond on your hand right now
    Cmaj7                                    Fmaj7                             Fmaj7         
    Maybe a baby or a couple by now......... long driveway to a big White House.....

              Dm                                   G
        But I wonder when you're drinking, if you..... find yourself thinking about
        Cmaj7                                 Am7
        ......That boy from East Tennessee......
              Dm                                G
        And I know we both knew better, but we...... still said forever, and that
        Cmaj7                            Am7                                               
        ......Was seven summers, of Coke...... and Southern Comfort, were we
        Dm                              G                                                                         
        ....Dumb or just younger, who knows?

                               Cmaj7                            Am7                              
                Back then, you used to love the river... and sippppin' on a sixer with me
                Dm                                       G (let ring)
                ....Does it ever make you sad to know... that was seven summers ago?

    [ intro riff x1 ]                                                    

    Cmaj7                                      Cmaj7                                      
    .......Yeah, I bet your daddy's so proud....... of how his little girl turned out
    Fmaj7                                      Fmaj7
    ......Think she dodged a bullet...... of a good old boy like me, 'cause I still
    Cmaj7                                      Cmaj7                                
    ......Go drinkin', same friends on Friday, bought a few acres, couple roads off the highway
    Fmaj7                                      Fmaj7
    Guess you never saw things my way anyway........

    [ chorus ]

            Cmaj7  Cmaj7                  Fmaj7  Fmaj7                 Cmaj7  Cmaj7  Fmaj7
   summers ago........... seven summers ago..................

            [repeat chorus + ending, let final Fmaj7 ring]

Chord Progressions

See PDF for the chord progression diagram.

Intro tabs

Here’s a few ways I like to play the intro riff! For the Cmaj7, I know others teach it further up the next, but I like the practical versions shown here. For the Fmaj7, I’ve included two filler riffs which you can optionally during those two measures (see my video lesson for reference).

See PDF for the tab.

Some songs by Morgan Wallen

If you’re new to Morgan’s music, here’s a few of my favorite songs.

7 Summers

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Whiskey Glasses

Some of Grady Smith’s videos about Morgan Wallen

Grady Smith is one of my absolute favorite YouTubers when it comes to commentary on country music, and in music industry surrounding that genre. Check him out! Here’s some of his Morgan Wallen videos, in the order they came out:

Let’s Talk About Morgan Wallen and Cover Me Up

Morgan Wallen is County’s Next Superstar – Whether You Like it Or Not

Talking to Morgan Wallen about country music, “Cover Me Up,” The Voice, and mullet independence

The Surprising Sadness of Morgan Wallen | ‘Dangerous’ Album Review

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