Song Notes Membership

Instructions on buying my licensed song sheets are below! If you're in search of the members-only 50% discount code for the current month — you can always find it at

1. Find the song you’re interested in purchasing

All of the songs posted on this current website have a big “Buy on Musicnotes” button that’s easy to find. Clicking on the link will take you to the Musicnotes product page for that specific song sheet. Here’s what the button looks like:

Alternatively, you can browse all of my song sheets directly on (link). Here’s what that page looks like:

2. On the Musicnotes product page, click “Add to Cart”

When you find the song you want, the Musicnotes listing looks as follows. When you’re ready to buy something, click the button to Add to Cart:

3. Either sign in or create a free Musicnotes account

Like any eCommerce website, you’ll need to create an account linked to your email address. This is free! Once you create your account, you can simply save your login information, allowing you to breeze through this step next time.

Note, use your own email address at this step. The image shows my email, but you should use your own.

4. Apply my members-only discount code to save 50%

If you’re an active member on my Patreon page, you have access to the 50% discount code I make available each month. This gives you a 50% discount on all of my 135+ song sheets listed on Musicnotes. The current month’s discount code can always be found at – which will redirect you to the Patreon post (requires your login) with the current code. The code changes every month, so it doesn’t spread all over the internet.

Simply paste the code in this box on the checkout screen.

Once applied, you’ll see the discount in the checkout box to confirm things worked. Note, the 50% discount code will only work when buying my song sheets — it doesn’t apply to arrangements made by from other creators.

Next, continue to the payment screen and enter your desired payment information. Rest assured, Musicnotes is a reputable site that’s been a leader in the online sheet music space since the late 1990s. Their payment system is trustworthy and secure.

5. Purchase confirmation

Now that purchase is complete, your song sheet is ready! First you’ll see a purchase confirmation screen:

You can immediately view your song sheet (digitally) using the Musicnotes website or app. Likewise, you can print out a copy if you wish.

You have the additional option of buying the song sheet in PDF format, which lets you save the file in your own external library (outside of the Musicnotes website or app). Note, buying the additional PDF is not required.

6. Print your song sheet (optional)

Each purchase at Musicnotes gets you one print-out of that song sheet. When you’re ready to print, click the this green “Print” button:

This will open the Musicnotes “Print Center”. Be sure to read their “Before Printing” tips – e.g. make sure your printer is on, is loaded with paper, etc. When you’re ready to print, click the green button to start the process:

This will load your local printer settings. Make sure everything looks good! If things are cut off, look for a “Fit to Page” or “Scale” option to make sure things properly fit:

Now, go make sure things worked okay. Looks good to me!

When finished, Musicnotes will show you this prompt:

Be sure to confirm the print job was a success before continuing! If it printed okay, click “Yes”. If there was an issue, click “No, Try Again” – and you can give it another shot. Musicnotes also has a printer support help center should you run into issues.

And, that’s it! I know this may seem like a lot – but once you go through the process, I trust you’ll find it’s easy to manage.