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Here's answers to the most common questions I receive. If you're stuck on something, please give this page a skim, in hopes the answer you seek is already typed out below. If you're still stumped, you can email me -- but note it may take me a few hours (or more) to reply -- so be sure you've checked below for answers first.

Most common questions

General questions

How do I search your lessons?

Please bookmark my official website and use that to search. Patreon's search feature (which I don't control) isn't great for sifting through the 350+ lessons I've created. Instead, my official website is much better suited for this task. You can browse lessons by topic, category, genre, etc.

How do I access your PDFs?

There are two types of PDFs I make, and you get them in different ways.

  1. Song Sheet Music - which teach full songs, including lyrics/chords/tabs/etc – are available for individual purchase via Each song sheet is licensed (thanks to Musicnotes), ensuring the songwriters are getting a portion of each purchase. You can use this website ( to search all my song lessons, which link out to the Musicnotes page where you can purchase them. Or, you can view my Musicnotes profile page here.

  2. Instructional PDFs (non-songs) – which teach techniques, licks & riffs, warm-up exercises, and music theory – are all available to active supporters via my Patreon page. Whether you support me monthly or annually, you get access to all of these PDFs. Use this website ( to search my lessons, each of which links out to the Patreon page where you can download the PDF.

Do you offer 1:1 private lessons?

Unfortunately, I don't offer 1:1 private lessons (in person, or over Zoom). At the moment I don't have any plans to start offering them.

What guitar, pick, and gear do you use?

I've had a Taylor 310 since 2001, which has been my only guitar up until 2020 (when I finally added a Taylor GS Mini, with a Koa finish). For more info on my guitar, my pick of choice, and the other gear I use -- see this post where I go over everything in detail.

I need help with printing...

Check out my printing help page for a few common tips.

If you need help with printing a Musicnotes purchase, please visit the Musicnotes Help Center -- they have an extensive library of help pages to assist you. Similar to Patreon, they're a large company with a dedicated support staff who can help you out directly.

About Patreon...

Why are't your song sheets on Patreon anymore?

In May 2021, I moved my "song" PDFs from Patreon to Musicnotes, where they'll be properly licensed and abide by copyright laws. Please see this page for more details on this topic.

How do I cancel my Patreon membership?

Here's a page showing how to cancel - it only takes a minute. Note, I can't cancel for you (they literally don't give me that ability).

I have a question about Patreon account...

If you need help with Patreon, please take a look at the Patreon Help Center -- as there's tons of detailed posts there addressing the most common requests: login issues, payment issues, how to cancel your account, etc.

If you're stuck with something, start off by emailing Patreon support directly -- as that's usually the best way to make sure things are resolved. Patreon is a large company with a dedicated support staff -- and they will be back in touch to help solve your problem.

About Musicnotes...

How do I get the current 50%-off discount code for Musicnotes?

You can always find the current month's discount code at this link. The code is updated on the 1st of each month, and can be used unlimited times. Note, this code is only available to current Patreon members (here's how to join).

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If this and my other lessons have proven helpful to you, please consider making a one-time donation to my tip jar. Contributions of any amount help make this project possible (including the many, many hours I put into it).

You can also support me on Patreon. For only $3/month you'll get access to a print-friendly PDF of my notes for each lesson.


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