Paul Simon's guitar genius: Kodachrome, Mrs Robinson, Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard, and more

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Editor’s notes

Hey there friends! I want to share a brand new & updated PDF I made for Paul Simon’s Kodachrome –– and while I’m at it dive a bit deeper into some other gems when it comes to his guitar playing. This includes my earlier lesson for Mrs. Robinson, as well as a brief look at Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard. I have PDFs for all of these available via the button just above – and in my video I’ll give an overview of each of the print-friendly PDFs I’ve created for these songs.

My earlier video lessons

Kodachrome (lesson #20):

Mrs. Robinson (lesson #51):

👉 My print-friendly PDF for Mrs. Robinson is available here.

My beginner lesson, focusing on chords and strumming:

For an intermediate lesson showing some of the runs and fills, see this:

My full play-along cover:

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

This is a song I don’t have a lesson for as of now, but my text-only draft PDF (that I show in the video above) is available here to Patreon supporters. Look for a lesson coming on that eventually!

The Sound of Silence

This is likewise a song I haven’t learned yet, but due to a huge nunmber of requests I’ve started to learn. Look for a lesson coming very soon (subscribe on YouTube to stay in the loop).

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